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Arboriculturists and Tree Consultants in Manchester Providing Tree Surveys, Reports and Assessments across Great Britain.

Our Tree Consulting Services, Lancashire

Our highly qualified team of tree consultants specialise in providing tree protection plans, surveys and reports for planning, development and risk management in the public and private sector across Lancashire and beyond. Offering a consistently straightforward, commercially minded and cost-effective service, our arboriculturists have a strong track record of client satisfaction. We have nearly 15 years of tree consulting experience to a high standard of excellence, with personalised reports and follow-up advice.

Our clients have praised our fast turnaround, and accurate reporting that identifies root causes, and provides practical and simple solutions customised to individual needs.

  • LANTRA certified arboricultural consultants – We hold one of the most prestigious awards for horticulture and landscaping. Our LANTRA certificate is a mark of excellence, and a good reputation in our industry.
  • Quick and efficient service – We pride ourselves on efficient turnarounds, without compromising on quality of service. This is one of the key factors behind our solid track record.
  • Bespoke Tree Protection Plans – All our arboricultural consulting services are tailored to the needs and requirements of each client across Manchester and Lancashire, to ensure healthy and compliant tree care for years to come.


Working collaboratively with project teams and other stakeholders including local authorities means our arboricultural consultants in Manchester can solve problems quickly and prevent delays on project deadlines.

Our Arboriculturist Services

We provide a range of services to help maintain the trees and vegetation on your land, protecting the public, and your trees from damage or harm. We help our public and private sector clients across Manchester and Lancashire to stay compliant, and to keep the general public safe and secure. Our knowledgeable arboricultural team can provide advice and guidance on practical and legal matters, including reports and compliance.

BS5837 Surveys for Planning and Development

Our tree consultants are experienced in planning and development, tailoring our service to the uniqueness of each site. We can provide a variety of flexible solutions for every stage of your project, to help maximise your investment. To book our BS5837 survey services, please reach out to our Manchester based team.

Tree Risk Management

If you have trees on your land, it’s important to assess and mitigate potential risks to public safety. Our arboriculturists are experienced in providing comprehensive risk assessment and management service to keep you compliant with local regulations. Keeping up with tree risk management can save you money and legal repercussions in future.

CAVAT valuation surveys

Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees (CAVAT) is regarded as one of the principal methods of tree valuation in the UK . It provides a basis for managing trees in the UK as public assets rather than liabilities .

Tree Preservation Order Advice

Our professional tree consultants work with local LPAs across Manchester and Lancashire, completing surveys. This helps our clients stay compliant, and avoid fines.

Mortgage Tree Reports

If you property or are thinking about buying, we can provide an assessment of how any trees on the property could affect you. This helps you make an informed decision relating to your property. Sometimes your insurer or mortgage provider will request the mortgage tree report.

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To make an enquiry, or to book our arboriculturist services, please contact our Lancashire office by phone, or by email. A member of our tree consultant team will respond as soon as possible.


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